Why You Should Visit Baja California in Mexico

If you are looking for some escapism from the daily grind and the less than warm weather of the USA, the most commonly suggested destination for you is Mexico. However, when people talk about visiting Mexico, the most likely destination you’ll hear about are Cancun and Acapulco.

Those places are great, even though they can be a bit expensive. You would be missing the most important reason to leave your own country – immersion in another culture and customs. If you want to really get to know Mexico and you should really consider Baja California State. Here’s why.


Baja California borders the US state of California to the north, which means that you are relatively close to this destination. All you need to do is pack your bags, hop into your car and drive down to the border crossing at Tijuana, and you’ve got yourself the first major site to visit. Just keep in mind that this is a different country, so you will need your passport, as well as Mexican car insurance, as your policy is not valid in a foreign country.

Tijuana is a border town in northern Mexico, but it has a thriving nightlife that you can enjoy all year round. However, that is not the reason why people flock to Mexico and to Baja California.

The Beaches

Baja California

Baja California has access to the Pacific Ocean, as well as to the Gulf of California. These two bodies of water are full of fantastic beaches and amazing sights. The full tourist potential of these destinations is far from being reached, which means that it is currently very pleasant and not crowded at all. However, hotels and resorts are starting to be built, meaning that there are only a few short years before this area is crawling with tourists, just like the Caribbean coast of Mexico is today.

Marine Activities

If you are the more adventurous type, you may not be enticed by lying on a perfect sandy beach. Don’t despair, since Baja California has numerous activities to offer you as well. Surfing on the Pacific coast has become increasingly popular both for locals and visitors from the nearby US State of California. The waves are great all year round, but they get particularly challenging during the winter.

If you want to experience something truly special, whale watching might just be your thing. These gentle giants of the sea call this part of the ocean their home for a part of the year when they mate and give birth. If you want to see them, now is your chance, since they dwell here between January and March. If you go further south, near Cabo San Lucas, you can find North America’s oldest coral reef, teeming with life and almost fully recovered from the damage of overfishing in the 20th century.

Attractive Art Atmosphere

Baja California

If you judged the small town of Todos Santos just by its looks, it would seem no different than the numerous other small towns of the region. However, over the past few decades, this town has become something of a haven for artists and creators. Numerous studios and galleries have been opened, and they bring tourists and art lovers alike.

If you are not a fan of modern art, you might be able to appreciate prehistoric art instead. Over 7000 years old, these images typically represent humans and animals.They are done in red and black in over 100 sites in Baja California.

This list has barely scratched the surface of what Baja California has to offer. If you are curious, find out a bit more about this unspoiled and rarely visited jewel of Mexico.

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