Romantic Ideas if you are on a Date in Goa

Goa is one of the most romantic spots in India. Most of the young generation people, want to have a date in Goa, and even people go to Goa for their first honeymoon. Goa is popular spot among tourists for its wide number of beaches, parties, and many other things found in Goa. Still, you must have got only Goa in mind, but what you need to do at the place. Everyone wants to be romantic deep inside, but in day to day life they cannot, hence people reach out to places like Mumbai, Goa, and other places for the short vacation to be a bit romantic and away from the day to day life tension.

Once you are in Goa, you will be in romantic vibes of the place, but what are your plans for the place after reaching, and how you will be celebrating the peace? Today we will help you with some of the romantic ideas which will help you to decide some of the places you need to visit in Goa and spend the time with your suppose.

Romantic dates Ideas if you are on a Date in Goa

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Romantic Walk on the Beach at Night

romantic date ideas

Let us start with a filmy way, have you saw the movie Lage Raho Munna Bhai? In the film Sanjay Dutt and Vidya Balan were walking along the waves, you must have also dreamt of doing the same with your loved one. This is the time to fulfill the same. You must visit the Sinquerim-Baga beach, which is one of the safest beaches found in Goa, and you can spend some great moments while walking along side the waves.

A weekend on a House Boat

romantic date ideas

Goa is the actual place to have a lovely romantic weekend. Here you can hire a house boat, and spend few days with the beauty around the Chapora river. You can easily get a house boat which will have a single bed room, with a small living area, with a deck. There will also be some staff for cooking food, and for taking care of the boat. The beauty around the Chapora river will surely make you mesmerize the place along with your suppose.

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Watch Birds

romantic date ideas

If you are going to Goa around Valentine’s Day, then you can go for watching the birds having a tough time to impress their opposite gender. The Male bird usually does all kinds of effort to make the female bird attract towards him. If they succeed, then you can watch them latch on over each other. After a month you will also get to see the new born little ones. Watching the bird giving efforts is romantic, and you are surely going to enjoy watching the same with your love.

Candle Light Dinner

Goa is not only known for the beaches and the parties that happen here. But also for the number of restaurants, we find at the place. Here we can find some good restaurant and is quite a good option to having a great Candle Light Dinner at a restaurant either fully covered, or having the vibes of the sea from a distance. You both will have to choose the best restaurant for you, by deciding the vibes you need at the place, the type of dinner you will have and other factors.


Beach at night

romantic date ideas

If you are in Goa, then you must go to one of the shack in Goa alongside a beach, be there with your love, and lie on the beach watching the full black sky with some stars glowing. You will have to take care if there are any weather issues. But this will make you talk with the sole of your soul mate, and will make both of you happy.

Long Drive around Goa

Goa is a beautiful place and one of the most well-developed positions regarding overall natural beauty around the City. Comming from a crowded city and need to relax with nature, then you must rent a car, and just straight away move from Goa, visiting places nearby Goa and enjoying the vibes of the place. This will give you full privacy to both of you, and you can talk day long while on a long drive.

These are some of the ideas with which you can easily make your date in Goa quite Romantic. Being romantic is not just about kissing, spending time, making out, but also to make her happy and let her feel the nature along with one of the best person of his/her life standing beside her. If you are planning a visit to Goa, then you must do have a look at the following ideas. If you have any other idea for a romantic date, then you must comment in the comment section below. By this way, other can be benefited with some more unique ideas for them to be on a Romantic Date.