We all know that we should exercise regularly in order to stay fit and healthy. It is especially true for people who work in offices all day. Our bodies weren’t designed for a sedentary lifestyle which can cause plenty of health-related complications.

However, sometimes it is just hard to find the strength and motivation to exercise, especially after a long day at work. In order to circumvent these negative thoughts and find proper motivation for exercise, you can use some tricks. First of all, find yourself a suitable gym, like FIT SOLANA BEACH and then just follow these simple guidelines.

Find a Regime that Suits You

exercise regularly


There are numerous training regimes, both with various equipment and without it. Find the mode of exercise you feel most comfortable with so that you do not create negative associations in your mind with exercises. If you are just starting out, try something less intensive and challenging. However, don’t be shy to explore your options and try out different classes and forms of exercise until you settle in the regime that fits you.

Incorporate Technology into Your Exercise regularly

It’s 2018, and the world is full of fitness technology and wearable devices which keeps track of your exercises and motivate you and tell you what you should do. You can set yourself challenges and goals to reach.

Studies have shown that reaching a goal has a hugely positive effect on our minds. Even if they are self-set and carry no tangible reward. In essence, you are hacking your brain to improve your fitness and overall health.

Make a Schedule and Stick to It

If you want to make sure that you exercise regularly, the best way to make sure you don’t forget is to put it on your calendar. Most of us use a calendar app, so it is easy to program an exercise session in there. That means you have no excuse in front of yourself to skip the workout.

Scientists claim that something becomes a habit after repeating it daily for anything between 20 and 80 days. That means that your lack of motivation or resistance to this great habit is only going to last for a short time. This is also a critical period when you have to motivate yourself extra hard and not lose your resolve.

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Grant Yourself a Proper Reward

exercise regularly


Small mental victories are great and all, but after a while, your mind will not be satisfied by a metaphorical pat on the back. You may end up needing something more tangible to entice yourself to exercise. Think about what you really want, but you know you should be moderate about.

Keep in mind that food, particularly junk food, isn’t a good idea as a reward since it can fairly easily negate the benefits of exercise. However, if there’s a show on Netflix you’re dying to binge, this can be an ideal bait. Simply tell yourself that you’re only watching the show after a workout session.

Negotiate with Yourself

If you really cannot find any kind of motivation for exercising, you should barter with yourself. If the goal you have set for yourself is too much for you to reach this point. Negotiate it with yourself to an acceptable level. However, don’t lose the original goal from your sight. You can eventually and gradually build up to it.

There are numerous ways to convince yourself to start exercising, but the first and foremost should be your health and the desire to improve yourself and the quality of your life. However, it is ok to use some help in getting there.

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