male health issues

This is the age when male health issues began to trouble you a bit. You may hear it from your friends about the pain in their back or knee. Every male feels like Ironman until they hit their 30s or late 30s.

As the age goes by every male should put his fitness to the top of priority list.

As men enter in his 50s chances for male health issues increases. At this age, major health issues are heart disease or erectile dysfunction. Later men may worry about more male health issues like prostate cancer. Health is a gift given by God we should always try to improve it as a human being. Some major steps should be taken to prevent these male health issues in you.

Here is the list of male health issues which mostly male complain about and tips for its prevention.

  1. Enlargement and prostate cancer.

Studies say, one out of six men will get prostate cancer in their lifetime, and most of them will not die from that.

This health issue is from one of the major male health issues. This issue is genetic and mostly found in African- American. These people are at a greater risk of having this issue.

To find out that you have a prostate cancer or not involves a simple blood test. This blood test is done for prostate-specific antigen (PSA). If you have a high level of PSA doesn’t mean that you have prostate cancer, there are many other symptoms of that like prostate hypertrophy or infection.

Some symptoms of prostate cancer are an incomplete emptying of bladder, frequent urination, urgency. If you found any one of the contacts a physician near you.

  1. Heart disease

male health issues

High blood pressure and high cholesterol are some common heart disease. If this heart disease runs in your family, then you must contact your doctor after you cross the late 40s. These male health issues can be cured at the early stage if you take proper care and work of your body. Exercise is the best way to cure any disease.

Working out with your body will help you to identify that how your body works and how to improve your limitations. Running, cycling is some of the exercises which will help you to cure your heart disease.

  1. Low testosterone levels

male health issues

Low testosterone level is common after the age of 40. It may also cause erectile dysfunction. Men suffering from diabetes are more prone to erectile dysfunction. The male suffering from ED is more likely to have a heart attack or stroke. Consulting a doctor is better and regular exercise can help too.

Testosterone level plays an important role in the life of a male being. There are many benefits of increasing testosterone level.

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  1. Increase in weight.

male health issues

As the age increases, our metabolism starts getting slower. To maintain weight, one has to eat healthy meals in a specific portion. At this age, it is very crucial to becoming more flexible and it is as difficult because of increasing age.

Exercise helps to maintain waistline and it also helps in curing many diseases which is related to weight.

  1. Diabetes

male health issues

Diabetes is one of the most common on the list of male health issues. Men over the age of 50 are more prone to this disease but, some of them might suffer from this at an early stage and the age has to drop down to 40.  If you have diabetes, you must concern a doctor before anything and should avoid sweets and starch.

Quitting smoking can help in curing diabetes. Regular exercise is the best way to overcome diabetes.

  1. Stroke

At the latter part of the life, chances of getting stroke increases. There are many warning before you have a stroke. Numbness in the face, arm or leg(s), confusion, difficulty with speech or comprehension, vision loss is some of the symptoms of strokes.

If you find someone with these symptoms you should call an ambulance.

Do what is good for your heart. Cardio exercises are the best for heart and one should always work your body to get improve.

These are some of the male health issues which you may face in the later part of your life.


Regular exercises and healthy eating habits can help these male health issues to get the cure.