The most commonly asked question How to be more interesting?. People feel that they are boring because of the girl you like maybe feels you are boring. Technology has taken control over the world. Meeting friends and playing around has taken place by the WhatsApp groups. Everything is technology today but, you can’t be interesting with this.

We live in a noisy world, and the more interesting you are, the more likely it is that you’ll be heard above the noise. In addition, being interesting can help you with just about any goal you may have. Look at the following:

5 Tips which will help you become more interesting.

1: Don’t feel boring

How to be more interesting

Boring, is a state of mind. People aren’t boring, we feel boring.  It’s simple if you feel interesting you will be interesting. If you feel yourself boring that means yes, you are boring.

2: Surround yourself with interesting peoples.

How to be more interesting

The world is very professional today, everyone is busy in working on one or two specific projects. The problem is that we focus on these one or two things that we don’t seek out inspiration, education from the other areas of the world around. It’s good that you have a hobby or a job but make sure you don’t indulge yourself into these specific works so much that you forgot that there is an outside world.

Pro Tip: knowledge is the key to being less boring.

3: Try something new every day.

How to be more interesting

Following a routine is good, but when you do the same this every day and every night, through the entire year that means you are not an interesting person. Trying something new every day means to try a new food every day, try a new book or try a new gym every month. The more you meet new people, the more you enhance your knowledge.


4: Engage in a new conservation.

How to be more interesting

Most of the time we get stuck in our self-created social bubble, this means we talk to the same person daily, we meet to the same people, we interact with the same people. There are so many amazing people in the world, seek out for them and learn from these people with the help of their experiences.

5: Self-improvement.

How to be more interesting

When you stop learning this means you stop living. Life is all about learning from the experiences and working for the future. You can’t know what is life in front of a computer screen you have to go out there and learn. Technology is just there to entertain us.

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