There are many injuries in the life of sports player and there are many home remedies as well. What is tennis elbow? Tennis elbow does not sound strange but has you ever heard lateral epicondylitis? Maybe not, but tennis elbow is the common name of lateral epicondylitis. It is inflammation around elbow area that causes a range of motion limitation for upper extremity including joint pain, stiffness, and swelling. It is an uncomfortable condition that happens in sports players, especially golf or tennis players, therefore tennis elbow usually develops in dominant arm and age varies from 20 to 50.


How can you realize inflamed elbow?


  • When the pain rises from elbow to forearm and inability to move wrist and hands normally because injury or overuse of upper extremity cause damage to the tendon and joint from elbow to hand.


  • The subjects suffering from tennis elbow are not only athletes, tennis players but also anyone who uses and put their dominant arms under a lot of stress, mostly. There is research showing that only 5 to 10 percent of people who have tennis elbow play tennis.


  • After activities, you can hardly realize tennis elbow. Sometimes, it takes a month for you to have pain when you actually suffer from lateral epicondylitis before.


Although it is not a severe or even fatal condition but inconvenient feeling that tennis elbow brings is undeniable. The pain, movement limitation, and inflammation bother people a lot. So how can you deal with inflammation?

We would like to recommend you some home remedies for the inflamed elbow.


Home remedies for sports players to overcome their injuries


  1. ICE method is ideal choice

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You can notice the pain from tennis elbow when the damage is increasing so the first thing you should do is relax and let the impacted area rest in order to stop the additional injury.

The second step of ICE method is using ice pack so as to manage the inflammation. Achieve the best result when you apply ice pack during 24 and 48 hours after swelling comes up. Apply cold therapy in 15 minutes twice a day then perform compression and elevation to hold the inflammation from rising. Press on elbow slightly while elevating to reduce blood flow.

Remember to take a short break during working out. It will allow your tissue to repair itself.

  1. Elbow exercise and stretch

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To treat from mild to moderate tennis elbow, slight exercise and stretch for elbow is helpful to smack down the stiffness in case the inflammation does not prevent the arm from moving.

An American physiatrist from Ohio State University, Dr. Ernest W. Johnson designed exercise for muscle- strengthening which he showed that movements of the wrist can reduce elbow pain by cutting the creation of collagenous scar between elbow muscle and joint.

Once you can move your arm, gently stretch your elbow and wrist so that adhered tissues can be swept off and make your condition worse.

Stretch exercise includes:

  • Eccentric stretch for the wrist. Put your forearm on the table but your wrist and hand over the edge with the palm up. Grab a light weight for a while and slowly drop it. Relax then repeat 10 times each performance and 3 times a day.
  • Extensor stretch for the forearm. Leave your affected wrist bend in front of you. Use unaffected hand to reach the other and stretch his arm. Maintain the position for 30 seconds and repeat it 3 times a day
  • Stretch for bicep. Twist your arm behind back and put slight pressure on the elbow. Leave it in 30 seconds.
  • Hold a thing and try to squeeze in 3 seconds and repeat the action 10 times.
  1. Contrast hydrotherapy


Hot and cold therapy is similar to some kinds of inflammation, heat stimulates circulation while cold reduces pain and swelling as well.

Use 2 clean towels, dip in hot water and cold water and alternately apply 2 compresses on affected area. Each compress lasts for 3 minutes or until the temperature is equal to skin temperature. This remedy is recommended as the most effective and simple therapy to treat for tennis elbow.

  1. Turmeric

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The anti- inflammation and analgesic agents of turmeric are undeniable. Moreover, its anti- oxidant properties can reduce free radicals and boost the healing process.

Just mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder with milk to relieve the flavor. Heat the mixture a little up and add honey.

  1. Massage

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Affect the swelling area a suitable pressure is another way to motivate blood circulation. Using some essentials especially lavender or mint oil also reduces swelling because of anti- inflammatory agents. The soothing painful feeling is one more benefit of massage.

Massaging 2 or 3 times a day for the best result

  1. Influenced diet on inflammation


The food and way you eat really have impacts on inflammation development.

  • Processed food includes sugar, high- sodium food which increases water retention, high- saturated and refined fat, gluten- containing food should be avoided as much as possible.
  • Add more anti- inflammatory food that has the ability to help repair the damaged tissue: all types of vegetable; high and clean protein like fish, cage- free eggs; some kinds of berries and citrus fruit which contain a huge amount of anti- inflammatory agents; broth that contains collagen for tissue health.