There are many footwear tips on the internet but you will find the best solution here. There are many surveys, conducted among both men and women. Roughly 70% say that the choice of footwear men wear plays an important role in first impressions. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re going on a date or a job interview, wearing the appropriate footwear is of crucial importance. It can get you either dumped or hired. It’s high time that we, men, started investing a bit more in our footwear, and owned at least one pair from all the basic footwear categories, but what are those and what are the tips that you need to follow?


Sneakers and trainers

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There’s probably not a guy out there who doesn’t own at least one pair of sneakers or trainers. The most basic and, at the same time, the most effective sneakers are the plain, white ones. The good side of these is that they can be matched with any outfit – either formal or informal, white sneakers are always trendy. Sneakers are extremely comfortable and that is one of the main reasons people opt for them – they fly off the shelves quite fast. If you’re going for a more daring look, you could choose out of many new sneakers from trending sportswear companies such as Puma or Adidas, and you cannot go wrong.


Running shoes

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With many hardcore runners out there, the need for running shoes increased significantly in the last couple of years. If you are a runner, you know what you need to look for while buying running shoes.

For those who just want to start running or training,

here’s the tip: choose the ones that you feel most comfortable in. Mind the cushioning – it needs to be very soft, so as not to put any pressure on your knees while you’re running. Make sure your toe box isn’t too tight. The best manufacturers of running shoes are New Balance, Nike, and Adidas.

If you don’t exactly know which ones are for you, choose any from these companies and you’re good to go.


Formal shoes

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As far as formal shoes are concerned, there are a plethora of styles that you could follow. Let’s revise the most popular ones. At the top of the list are definitely the Oxford shoes, which some regard as being the most formal of all. These can be paired with suits and tuxedos. If you wear them with jeans and a shirt you’ll definitely look effortlessly classy. However, if you don’t own a pair of Oxfords, never mind. There are other options you could go with, such as

Derby shoes (which are quite similar to the Oxfords)

Monk straps (that are gaining a lot of popularity lately)

Brogues. The latter ones are perfect since they are very versatile and can go both with shirts and pants and sports jackets and jeans.



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Wearing sandals is not something that a lot of men can pull off, as they can be extremely difficult to pair with the outfit and, of course, to find good ones. The first rule of wearing sandals is probably well-known – don’t wear them with socks! Sandals are worn only during hot, summer days. The best option for footwear like this is definitely the men’s Birkenstock shoes as they are comfortable, nice and easy to pair with anything. Wearing these leather sandals with nice shorts, a shirt and a nice leather watch can be very nice.



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Even though sandals are only for the summer, you can wear boots during autumn and winter. Boots are something that every classy guy needs to have in his wardrobe. Guys with boots just look more confident and dapper. Chelsea boots are the most popular type of boots at the moment. They date back from Queen Victoria, so there definitely should be a reason they are still around – they are perfect. As other formal shoes, they can be paired with tuxedos, but since they are slim around the ankle, quite comfortable and cool, they can be seen during the day as well. Pair the boots with your coat and there you go.


It doesn’t matter what style you like. You must have at least a pair of these types of footwear is a must for a guy of the 21st century. Pick the ones that are best for matching with the outfit. The ones that are versatile and you’ll be extremely happy. Happy walking!