One fact about women is that they are complex and very difficult to understand, which is so far, the reality. There are uncounted emotions which passes a women’s mind which we men are unaware of. It is very difficult for men to understand what women are thinking. She will love you for one moment and might stab you in another moment. So here are some facts about women.

Women are more sensible and sensitive than men, they care too much as men try to be strong all the time that they forget they have emotions too.

women are weaker than men in the category of physical strength and power, but when it comes to mentally and emotional strength there is no chance any men can beat any women in this world. This is a major difference which comes naturally. Men are known to be the king of the house, but the king of the house is ruled by his queen.

This article will tell you to come interesting facts about women

1.Women live longer than men

Everyone knows this fact about women and this is the truth. The reason why most of the women live longer than men is due to their immune system. Inner body of women or the immune system ages slowly than men. If the inner body will be younger than the whole body will be fit, as we all know “Age is just a number”


2. The richest women on the planet

Apart from the physical strength, both the sex has same ability to achieve success and fame. Some of the women are more successful than their husband. Most of the richest lady has rich husband or parents and they just continue to become more powerful, it did not need enough effort but to maintain the legacy is not at all easy.


3. Women spend years menstruating

Men will never understand the pain which every woman takes when it comes to periods. An average woman may take 15 years of menstruating every month. Most painful 4-5 days of the month. This continuous cycle only gets interrupted during the pregnancy time. The total time of a woman on her menstruating cycle (on her periods) is almost 9 years or 3500 days.


4. Women are also the boss!

Women are the real boss, they not only rule the office or any business but the households too. Most of the places in this world are convenient for them to take the topmost position. The countries like Saint Lucia, Jamaica or Colombia women have the highest positions. Women can lead and can be a good leader better than any men.


5. The dreamy women

Many studies have found that women tend to have more bad dreams (nightmares) than men. Women’s dreams are full of emotions and scientist are still finding the logic behind that. According to a study in Britain, the sleeping disorder which is caused by stress are found more in women than men.


6. Women writer

In today’s world, anyone who writes well can be a writer and achieve success. But back in 1920’s this work was professionally done by women. Writing sector is ruled by many women like “Nora Ephron and J.K. Rowling” who had written the story like “When Harry met Sally” and “The Harry Potter” respectively.


7. Women and body language

Women body language is that not everyone can read. It is very easy yet difficult to understand a woman. A woman body language in front of men reveals a lot about them. While talking to a woman she lows down her shoulder and joins her hand together this means she is interested in you. If she crosses her arms, it’s the opposite way. If she relaxed her hands over her hips, this refers that the girl wants to “Just Friends”.

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