Date Ideas if you and your partner work in the different shifts

Are you in a relationship where your time doesn’t match with your GF’s? Does she work in the night shift and you the day or vice versa? You guys want to meet but there is a big problem, always, Sacrificing your sleep!!!!! Don’t worry. I will give you some awesome date ideas to match your timings and have a date without missing much of your sleeping time!


  1. Breakfast date:

Breakfast date is an easy, convenient and most lovely thing for you. It may sound weird to many but only you guys know or will know how nice it feels to meet at the breakfast. The one who has worked the entire night will surely love the aroma of the food and the other after the beautiful sleep would not want to say no to it. You can go to different Parsi/ Irani restaurants. They are famous for their mana cakes and bun maska. Many south Indian restaurants to get open as early as 7-8 am. Or Mc. D or any other high-end restaurants for the full course of the breakfast buffet.


  1. Sundays are only SunNIGHT

If you think Sundays are holidays and you can plan a full day chore, then you are wrong. Sunday goes into sleeping for the one who had the night shift! What comes in hand is only the night. So you can only plan your dinner or party late nights but you can surely utilize your Monday evening. That period is free for both of you depending on your shift timings.


  1. Set specific meets but Meet frequently.

You may not be able to have an elaborate lunch or dinner with shopping and movies over the weekdays. What can you do is be specific, decide what is possible and only ONE thing that you can do? So maybe an evening snacks, or some early dinner, movie between 7pm-10pm or 6pm-9 pm, going for some flea market, exhibitions, marine drive or any other sea face. Meet for a brief time but meet frequently.


  1. Cut down your traveling time.

Don’t choose places that are far way. Keep that for the day when you have an off. On weekdays look only for the places where you can easily meet and spend more time together rather than traveling. Also, remember that you both are not coming back home to rest or sleep after it. There’s always one of you who will go to work! So, don’t over exert yourself.


  1. Don’t compare your relationship with others:

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Remember that your relationship is different than others. What other couples are able to do doesn’t define your relationship. Do what is possible to you partner. Don’t over stress them. Sleep is important. Remember the quote, ” If you love someone, then let them sleep.”


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