Just like women, men also like to listen to some compliments for them. The best feeling, they get when the woman they love gives a compliment. This makes a man feel more valued and needed. Compliments for men will help them to raise their self-respect. This will also give them a feeling that they are satisfied with their relationships. In this article, you will get to know best compliments for men which they would like to listen from their lady love.

Here are 8 compliments for men that will definitely show appreciation.


  1. Only with you I feel safe

compliments for men

In a relationship the most important thing that every woman needs are a security. Every woman looks for support in her man, so they try to give protection at every level even women can protect themselves. It is the duty of a man to protect his beloved ones. These compliments for men is just perfect.

  1. You are so masculine

compliments for men

A journey from a boy to a man one thing stays the same, men still want to be a superhero. Especially in front of the person they love. To make them feel good to tell them that a man is smart, brave and masculine like superheroes. Men want women to believe that they can handle anything which is important.

Choose the right time to praise him like, in the bedroom, helping in some heavy work, repairing something. This will be one of the best compliments for men.

Pro Tip: choosing a right time to praise is very important, if you praise him while he is washing dishes, he will take it as a joke.


  1. You are right

compliments for men

This is the most difficult and most rare thing any men will ever hear in his life. Women don’t admit their mistakes easily. Men are known to be the head of the family and sometimes they are also right, don’t hesitate to tell them that “you are right”. This will not hurt your ego but your man will feel that he is helpful. Therefore, doesn’t matter how difficult it will be telling them that you are right.

Keep reading to learn what will be the best compliments for men.

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  1. What would I do without you?

compliments for men

This compliment is just a way of showing your gratitude towards you man. Telling a man that you are very happy with him is just wonderful to him. The best feeling is when a man gets to know that he is irreplaceable. Don’t get shy, it’s your love which you are showing.


  1. You are the best lover

compliments for men

In a relationship, intimacy is a very important factor both for men and women. Performing well in the bedroom is a serious concern for most of the men. So, if you feel satisfied with him just tell him that “you are awesome”. He will feel delighted and this feeling will give him a belief that he is better than others and completely irreplaceable.


  1. You decide

compliments for men

Making decisions with mutual understanding is a sign of a happy relationship. But trusting him for some decisions are also important and this is a way to show love and trust to them. This will raise his self- esteem and he will believe more in himself. In the end, every man wants to be respectful in the eyes of his love. Giving your man, this compliment is a way of showing that the trust is there in the relationship.

What else would a man like to hear?

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  1. Can you help me?

Women nowadays are independent (which is good), and it has become a concern for men as they do not feel needed much. How can a man show his power and love towards you if everything is done by yourself? Sometimes let the man help you. Men love to help without being selfish. Let a man proves that he is useful to you, valuable to you.


  1. I love it when…

compliments for men

Your man might have some amazing skills, like painting, playing guitar or anything. Just appreciate his skills and efforts he puts in to make her lady smile. It will raise self-worth in himself. Alter all, he just wants to make you feel good and proud.

Which sentence will be the first that you will tell your man?
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