Best dates are hard to find, it is very difficult to find a place where you can hang out you’re your partner and spend some quality time. Couples everywhere look for a place where they can find peace for themselves or they can spend some personal time together. This is a problem everywhere in this world but good news for people of Delhi. You are now going to discover some places which you might have visited once and some you should visit once. This would be your one of the best dates.

Best dates location in Delhi for young couples


1.The Garden of Five Senses

This garden is covered in an area of 20 acres. It’s not just a garden but a place to get calm and relaxed. This is a place where you can take a long walk with your partner in full peace and there will be no-one to disturb you. Couples go there to have some private time and they are supported with the perfect romantic weather for them. If you want to spend some personal time with your partner, the garden of five senses is the perfect place.

This beautiful garden is divided into many areas itself. The garden is a formal patterned, water is moving slowly, the fragrance of flowers has covered all the garden and giving a beautiful feeling. There is a sculpture of a fountain tree, there are many other fountains too and some of them are lit up by the lighting system to give it a much beautiful look.

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This is one of the best restaurant having a taste of nature. This garden is located in Lodhi garden. If you want to visit a restaurant and want to surround by nature at the same time, this location is for you. This restaurant is divided into many sections where you can sit with your girlfriend and have the fun of nature and tasty food. The garden restaurant has a romantic ambiance which is perfect for a couple. To make your experience more amazing and remember able they have a live music band who plays smooth and romantic songs which will eventually touch your heart.

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3. Delhi Haat, INA: For shopping, dining, and much more

Dilli Haat is still counted on one of the best places for couples in Delhi. There are many such things there like hand made products, restaurants having tasty Delhi food and much more to explore. Dilli Haat is the cheapest and the most effective place to be with your partner. Every day around hundreds of couples spend their time there and enjoy their private time.

4. Connaught Place: Delhiites’ beloved hangout spot

Delhi is known as the heart of our country but Connaught place is known as the heart of Delhi. Connaught Place(CP) commonly known as Rajiv chalk, this is the center of Delhi. Connaught place is the best and most common place not only for couples but for casual hangouts too. To have a complete date with full of shopping, eating and enjoying each other company, the heart of Delhi is a perfect place.

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5. The Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon(GuruGram): Bollywood themed entertainment venue

Kingdom of dreams is an amazing destination. You will experience a Bollywood environment around there as this is a Bollywood-themed place. You will get to experience the cultural performance and inspiring art. Food in there is just amazing and budget friendly too. Decoration and details in KOD will steal your heart.

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6. Lodhi Garden: For an idyllic date for couples in Delhi

Lodhi garden one of the most beautiful garden in Delhi and the best for couples. This garden is to be known to be the most idyllic spot for picnics and dates. This garden is situated in south Delhi which is known to the one the luxurious area in Delhi. Couples go there to spend some quality time with each other. To spend a beautiful afternoon with your love in the ambiance of flower and natural wind you should visit Lodhi garden. There are also amazing food joints near Lodhi garden, go with your partner and enjoy.

7. Nehru Planetarium: A date with moon and stars

Nehru Planetarium is a place where you can actually date with stars and moons. This is an educational point but if you keep the education aside you will experience the amazing world of space and stars. If want to pluck stars for your girlfriend you should visit Nehru Planetarium.