Biceps are the most important muscle, and you always want to know the best biceps workout. Whenever you start going to a gym, the focus that most of the people give is on their biceps. Big and strong biceps are noticeable to all. People will get to know that you are working out really hard in the gym when you have well developed and strong arms.

Not to forget the triceps muscle is also an essential body part. Triceps muscles are not to be ignored. This muscle gives a sexy look to your arms and a perfect balance to your body. So, neglecting your triceps would be a bad, very bad idea.

For gaining biceps to the maximum size, you must make lifting heavy weights your top priority. As we all know gaining and building muscles is a combination of proper workout and the good diet. It is very important to focus on those exercises that will help you to grow and gain your muscles and not to forget the diet which will help you to lift those heavy weights.

Mostly people do exercise like rows and pulldowns for biceps muscles. If you want to gain and have good arms you must focus on the given exercises. These exercises are specially targeted to the biceps muscles. By including these exercises in your workout schedule, you will be able to develop best arms.

Here are the exercises which will focus on your arms and especially biceps, you can add these exercises to your workout schedule.

5 Best biceps workout

Barbell Curl

Barbell curl, this would the first exercise to include in your workout schedule. This exercise will allow you to fill your biceps with heavy weights. For developing maximum strength, a barbell is a great option. There is a difference between lifting a barbell and lifting a pair of dumbbells, as lifting barbell is a much better option than dumbbells.

There are some important things which you should keep in mind while lifting, do not cut the pattern of movement short, and do not allow the momentum to lean backwards to lift the weight upwards.

Momentum works more than your body or muscles can actually perform. If you work out in a controlled way, that can reduce the chances of injury or tear of muscle fibres.

Incline Dumbbell Curl

Incline dumbbell curls are the next exercise which you can add to your routine. This exercise will help to reduce the momentum problem as this is one of the best exercises for preventing momentum issue, as it is very important to reduce the back movement to prevent injury.

This exercise will give immense pressure on your biceps and belly muscles, so start with lower weights. Maintaining proper balance is the key to this exercise. If you want the maximum result to keep your balance perfect.

Standing Biceps Cable Curl

If you want to target each and every tissue of your biceps muscle, cable curls are the best option, therefore this is our third exercise for the biceps muscles. As you know the pressure provided by the cable on biceps is very high and the movement is not as stable as it should be, you have to use the muscles around your biceps to make it stable and to perform the exercise.

You have many options as you can use different attachments for cable curls exercise including a bar, rope and a rotating cable handle which helps you to work on a single arm at a single time

Reverse-Grip Bent-Over Row

As you have included straight rows in your workout routine, now you should also add up reverse-grip rows too. This exercise will add more pressure on your biceps muscles, therefore this is considered to be a much better exercise for arms and especially biceps.

Concentration Curl

Concentration curl will help you to buff up your biceps as this is the final exercise in your workout routine. This routine will directly give more pressure on your biceps muscles.

If you perform this exercise well you will not need any other muscles to give you stability and control your momentum. This exercise is very good when you are looking to end your workout routine.


All these exercises will help you to grow bigger and marble chiselled biceps. Work hard and hit the gym daily to get a perfect body and killer biceps.

Do you have any more exercise regarding biceps?? Comment down your thoughts and let us know.

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  1. This is very informative tips. My husband will love it. Forward this to him. Hopefully he will start his exercise plan soon

  2. This is very informative tips. My husband will love it. Forward this to him. Hopefully he will start his exercise plan soon

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