As we all know and had seen in many articles that men are visualized. Men have a very keen eye on women’s dress, makeup and especially on women hairstyles, but real men are quiet and prefer not to comment on anything as they believe that every woman is beautiful in their own way. Unluckily not every woman knows what is the best-suited hairstyle for them.

There are many women hairstyles which men don’t like.

Here are 9 examples of women hairstyles which is not much liked by most of the men.


1.Hairstyle after using a straightener

women hairstyles

Straight hairs are super sexy only if they are naturally straight. Most of the women try to straighten their hairs with a straightener to look this way. Most of the men don’t like artificially straight hairs, they like them if they are naturally straight. Men think their hair looks like dried up wires as they don’t get a good feeling while touching them. They seem to be unhealthy and rough.


2. Artistic disorder

women hairstyles

This is recently very famous and fashionable among girls, in this a woman looks like she is just waked up from a good sleep. This may seem attractive but not liked by most of the men. This gives an impression as the woman is lazy. This style can look good in a home but not for outdoor purpose. According to men, this style makes a woman less attractive than she really is. This spoils the image of a woman.


3. Messy Bun

women hairstyles

This is one of the most popular women hairstyles, which is not liked by men. Although every man enjoys when a woman ties up her bun and shows her neck. Not many women will look attractive in this hairstyle, you need some extraordinary skills to carry this simple yet amazing women hairstyle. There is a possibility that a woman will lose her charm with this style.

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4. Powerful curls

women hairstyles

If it’s not natural it’s not for you. Curls are not every woman cup of tea. To carry powerful curls a woman, need to be as powerful as their hairstyle. Unless you are a Brazilian with afro this style is not for you. Men do like curls, only if they are natural.


5. Hairstyle “work of art”

women hairstyles

Some women who are willing to look different or unique and wants to stand apart from the crowd start coping the women from hairdressing shows or YouTube channels. They try to make assorted styles and every experiment with their hairs. By doing this they not only lose their own personality but they also fail to become the women they are trying to be.


6. Dreadlocks

women hairstyles

According to most of the men, this hairstyle is pure to attract the attention of everyone. This hairstyle is depending on the culture and the amount of care you give to your hairs. Every man wants a good and clean girl but this style represents dirt and does not justify a woman.


7. Shaved in the back, or on the side

women hairstyles

This is the worst women hairstyles according to men. If anyone looks back to a woman with this kind of hairstyle only because she looks awful. Don’t men understand that what went wrong to their natural beautiful hairs? Just to look cool, they lost their natural charm. This hairstyle gives an impression to not to talk to them.


8. Elegant Bob

This haircut is the most elegant and beautiful. Every woman who wants to have this extremely famous hairstyle should know that this hairstyle Is not made for every pretty face. The hairstyle is good but not everyone can carry this hairstyle. It will look amazing or it will look like a helmet.

9. Colourful streaks

women hairstyles

As we already mention, men love natural hairstyles. This hairstyle consists to dying your hairs into different colors. The effect might not be horrible but it still looks artificial. And none of the men like green or purple hairs

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