What could be your trendsetter shirts?

While going out on a date with your girl, going out with boys for the beer or any other family functions there is only one question, what should I wear? One of the most puzzling questions, no matter how good shirts or t-shirts you have in your wardrobe.

Not only women take the time to get ready but men too because they should look sexy.

So here are 6 shirts and t-shirts which you can wear and should have in your wardrobe, and its promise if you develop these outfits for yourself you know you are going to have a stylish and solid option for any occasion.

1: – White T-shirt

trendsetter shirts

It doesn’t get anyone plain, simple, basic, classic and clean. White T-shirts are universal, you can wear it anytime and anywhere. The fabric of the t-shirt must be light not so rough. Sleeves should be right up and must remember triceps should be exposing.

2: –Polo T-Shirt

trendsetter shirts

Polo is always been favourite for most of the men. They are classy, stylish, suits with formal and with informal too. Polo always looks better with jeans and sneakers. Polo is a great option for those men who like to wear formal and casual both and every kind of shoes will look good on a polo t-shirt. You can tuck it in and this will become a business professional perfection.

3: – Short Sleeves Button Up Shirts

trendsetter shirts

These shirts must be clean and plain, there should not be the bunch of pockets or and different stuff on the shoulders, it should be clean. In this way, you can use it both with professional wear and casual wear. Make sure the shirt is not too long or too short to tuck in, the length of the shirt must be appropriate so it looks cool and classy at the same time.

 4: – Henley Shirts

trendsetter shirts

Henley shirt is a collarless pullover shirt, characterized by a placket beneath the round neckline. It doesn’t get much more simple, muscular, appropriate, stylish than Henley. Henley is killing it, with a pair of jeans, boots or sneakers, it looks awesome. One thing that the Henley give is versatility.

5: – Long Sleeves Button-up Shirts

trendsetter shirts

These shirts are fun, playful and the fabric of this shirt always feels good. This shirt must be well tailored. You should always have a shirt which can be worn casually and if needed it can become a formal by tucking it in. Wear these shirts with loafers or boots they always look good.


6: – Plain White Shirts

trendsetter shirts

Surprisingly YES! A plain white shirt is always welcome at any occasion or anywhere. Anyone can wear it, it doesn’t care about your age, your shape or size a plain white shirt always looks good. It looks good with a pair of jeans, it looks good with trousers. Everyone, each one of you looks good in a plain white shirt.


Any other suggestions?? Do comment your views.