Let me ask you something.

Do you have a clean skin?

Do you feel your skin is clear from blackheads, pimples? Is it glowing? Bright and hydrated? And even skin tone? Gentlemen glowing and clear skin is not only for women it’s for “Men” too.

So today we are going over 6 simple clear skin tips to enhance your skin and help you to get clear skin.


Tip #1- H2O

Clear Skin tips

We need to hydrate our self to keep our skin healthy and bright. As a plant or a flower is thirsty or dehydrate what do you see?? Exactly! The plant needs water and after giving water to the plant looks fresh and good in just a few minutes. Your skin is just like a beautiful flower takes diligent care of it. But unlike plants, human skin doesn’t just glow up, hydration level must be maintained to achieve a glowing skin. It also slows down the ageing process and in few weeks, you will fell much younger and fresher.


Tip #2 – Balanced Diet

Clear Skin tips

It is the direct relation of what you eat and the way you look. If you eat well you will look good.

If you need a healthy and clear skin you should reduce the amount of fat and sugar.

Excess of alcohol consumptions and Smoking also affects the skin in a negative way.


Tip #3 – Clean you face twice a day

Clear Skin tips

This is one of the main tips to take care of your skin. You should clean your skin twice a day, morning and night.  This will remove extra oil and dirt from your face which will prevent breakouts. This will automatically remove the dead skin cells and brings the new and fresh cells.

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#ProTip: – Never rub your face hard or it will leave rashes and redness.


Tip #4 – Moisturize

Clear Skin tips

Like water moisturize from inside, creams and lotions moisturize from outside. This tip will give a brighter complex

Try to use less oily cream or you will look greasy.


Tip #5 –  Protection

Clear Skin tips

Try to protect your skin when you are outside, use a good sunscreen while the sun is still out. Wear good shades, shades are the best way to look super cool and it protects fine lines and wrinkles around eyes.

Tip #6 – Sweat

Clear Skin tips

Sweat is very good not only for your heart and body but also for your skin as after sweating all the dead skin cells and dirt comes out of the skin and regenerate fast.

#ProTip: – Always  clean yourself after sweating