5 Things That Make a Woman Irresistible

woman Irresistible

There is quite a lot of conflicting advice on dating and pickup that are floating around. Here we bring the things that make a woman irresistible. That’s mostly the result of us men wanting and seeking different things. Of course, an even bigger problem is that most men aren’t even sure what they want or, at least, how to express it. So, how do you know that you have made the right choice? Well, there’s no surefire way to navigate this labyrinth, but here are some tips about what most straight men find impossible to resist.

A sense of humor


Humor bonds people, it brings genders closer together. There are few things as embarrassing as getting the dead-silent treatment from the other side of the table on a first date. On the other hand, when she not only laughs but also responds to the jokes, we know there’s something we share and we can build the conversation from there. Just don’t go overboard with wisecracks and don’t act like it’s your standup night; that will likely have the opposite effect.

Down to earth attitude

woman Irresistible

While playing hard to get is a popular tactic, most men prefer women who are positive and assertive. What’s more, drama queens and those with a short fuse are not in the spotlight anymore. Oversensitive, complicated, and tense women just don’t spark that desire, while those who are genuine, lighthearted, and down-to-earth, can ignite true passion and emotional attraction. They know how to handle emotions and we cannot help but respect that.

A sense of style

Who doesn’t like to see a woman dressed up to the nines and cutting a dash? Men fancy girls who care and tend to their appearance. This involves occasionally investing in quality women’s clothing as well as grooming and using beauty products. They do not have to brag about it though: Effortlessly cool is the name of the game. After all, being attractive is also about confidence and attitude, not just about owning a truckload of clothes and shoes.

The allure of ambition

woman Irresistible

There is something special about women who have clear objectives in life and go to great lengths to reach them. This shows the strength of character and resolve that are necessary to effectively fight the life’s toughest battles. Winning them is much easier with a partner who is ambitious and shows tenacity. But, there is also that fine line between being ambitious and not caring about anything other than your own career and success.

Being open-minded and involved

Having similar interests is always preferable, is it not? Well, even if they don’t really overlap, men like to see women who are engaged in hobbies, sports, and other activities that promote self-growth. And when a woman speaks about them with passion, that really piques our interest. A woman of our dreams is not just beautiful and graceful: She inspires and amazes with her personality and the vivid world that waits to be discovered behind her eyes.

Right on champs

woman Irresistible

To find your soul mate, you have to look beyond the cute faces and great bodies. Attraction runs much deeper than the surface level and revolves around emotional and psychological workings of our brain. That is why we value things like stability, confidence, integrity, and perseverance. Learn these lessons if you mean to get through all the love trials and tribulations and the whirlwinds of emotions and end up with the right one beside you.


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