Hosting a party is a beast on its own, especially when it’s for dudes. It’s no secret that we, men, like simple parties with no charades, games, and other fluff stuff. Well, most of us anyway. However, that simplicity is what’s causing most of the problems.

Keeping things simple is harder than it looks. You might think that beer, grill, and girls are enough for a kick-ass party, but many people would beg to differ. If you’re already taking the mantle of the host, then you might as well give it your best shot and try to please everybody.

Now, we know how this looks like. Right from the start, we told you to keep things simple, and now we are talking about pleasing every guest. We understand that this is impossible, but with our five party planning tips, you will be closer than ever before.

5 Party Planning Tips Every Guy Needs to Know


Tip No. 1: Set up the right mood

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First, let’s talk about tone, mood, and atmosphere of the party. Whether you are throwing a birthday party, a bachelor party or just a Sunday sports party, you will need to adjust the vibe accordingly. Our go-to rule is – if the sun is out, the atmosphere should be chill, but if the sun is down, party like an animal. However, in the end, it all comes down to your preferences.

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Tip No. 2: Issue a notice to your neighbors

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This one is crucial. The last thing you want is your party being shut down. There is no 100% fool-proof solution for this, but the best way to go about it is to give your neighbors a heads up. Of course, if you go overboard, they might still call the police, but letting them know will surely increase their tolerance. Heck, you can even invite them to the party. Nobody will crash the party that they are on.

Tip No. 3: Snacks for everyone

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This one is a bit tricky. Given that most people have different tastes in food, you absolutely can’t go around trying to please everybody. New Yorkers have it best. Most of their parties have catering services included. Good catering in NYC has always been a go-to solution for both foods and drinks, so why not give it a shot? Just hire a catering company to handle this task for you while you enjoy the party.

Tip No. 4: Time to wet the whistle

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Alcohol is the staple of every party, but that doesn’t mean that everyone has to drink. Drinkers are easy to please. Buy some beers and whiskey, maybe mix a couple of cocktails, and you are good to go. Non-alcoholics are a completely different story. Orange juice simply isn’t enough. Find some non-alcoholic cocktail recipes and serve them to your sober guests.

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Tip No. 5: Mingle

The last tip on our list is of the social nature. Drinks, music, and food can only do so much, but if you want everyone to truly have a good time, then you will have to mingle. Introduce your guests to one another so no one feels left out. There is nothing worse than splitting your guests into small groups.

And that is about it. Regardless of what type of party you’re throwing, these five tips will certainly be useful. Just remember that it all comes down to your tastes, so feel free to mix it things up as much as you like.


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