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When it comes to women any men can’t set enough about them. There are many things about women which men can’t resist. While asking some men about the things they can’t get enough from women some interesting answers shows up.

Most of the points could be similar to yours must check all of them


10 Things men can’t resist of when it comes to women


  1. Their fragrance

    men can't resist

The way women smell is just so much attracting, whatever the combination of their shampoo or perfume and other girly soaps or body wash. Whatever the products they are using they are making us crazy. Almost every time. Women have a flirty smell which keeps on attracting us to them. They are just amazing.

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  1. Caring and warmth of women.

    men can't resist

Women care the most, no one can deny that. A woman can take care of you better than anyone of your male friends. They have maternal instincts which help them to understand the want of a child or a man. Every woman has this quality of caring which every man needs.

A woman completes a MAN


  1. She is super-hot in bikinis.

    men can't resist

Wearing a bikini is something not every woman can pull off. Men are diehard fans of those women who can look hot in the bikini. Shape, size or color doesn’t matter for them if they love you, the only thing matters are can they pull off their bikini? Yes, men love those women who are in amazing shape but at the same time, they will ignore all the negative points if they love you. It’s a woman duty to make his man feel amazed from her body and vice versa.


  1. She listens.

    men can't resist

Women who listen are so desirable. 10 percent of the women’s population listens to their partner. If you are going through a rough patch and want to open about your problems, you must talk to your partner. Women are very good at solving emotional problems. This is one quality every man looks for his partner, and they can’t get enough.


  1. She expresses their feelings.

    men can't resist

It’s not always about talking to each other like a typical girlfriend and boyfriend way. Sometimes a woman just wants his friend (later boyfriend) to listen to her and let her express her feelings freely. Men are the super fan of those women who express their feelings without any discomfort. Be close with your partner, just like you are friends and you will never need anyone else. This will remove the jealousy factor from your relationship.


  1. She is emotionally as well as physically yours.

    men can't resist

Every person in this world despite from gender needs an emotionally as well as physical satisfaction. It’s just a need of our human nature. Being in multiple relations can somehow affect your mind in a negative way but being is a positive relationship can help you to grow emotionally and physically both.


  1. She is emotional and is not afraid of showing them.

    men can't resist

Crying over something and showing your emotions doesn’t sound like men things. Women are very good at showing up their emotions. Women release every negative energy while showing their emotions and men act macho to hide their emotions. Which ends up exhausting yourself. The opening is what every man wants with her partner and they can’t get enough of that. They seriously love those women who open up to them honestly.


  1. Hips don’t lie.

    men can't resist

Watching a man passing by is not as interesting as watching a woman. A woman body is much more interesting than a man’s body. Women’s body has so much positive energy stored in them. This is one thing none of the men can get enough of this. The energy they release is what every man needs.


  1. Heels increase standard.

    men can't resist

A sexy pair of heels can give a woman’s leg a whole new and hot look. It not only increases their height a bit but their standard too. Legs are the sexiest looking part of women and heels just increase the level of hotness. Men just can’t resist themselves by looking at their legs.


  1. She is in their regular clothes and you still love them.

    men can't resist

Every man is attracted to a woman who is well dressed and looks hot in their party dresses, but that attraction turns into love when you see her in regular clothes which are not so good and still feels the same about her. This is what the ultimate thing a man wants from a woman, to get comfortable with him.



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  1. You’re right, all you have written here are true. When it comes to me, all I need more is the love, the care and always seeing her on wears that brings out her beautiful shape.

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